Dyscalculia – The Math Disability.

I was recently diagnosed with Dyscalculia. I know the name sounds like a horrible disease, but it is a simple math disability. Today I am going to be giving an informative speech in class on Dyscalculia how to diagnose it, and why it generally goes undiagnosed, simply because educators are not aware of it. For most of my life I was called lazy, stubborn, and stupid because I was very bad with math. And it was not my fellow class mates who called me those names. Now at the age of 23 and in college I receive this diagnosis and suddenly it all makes sense. Dyscalculia is real; and math disorders are very common and usually brushed aside my teachers. I hope to spread more awareness about Dyscalculia! I will be writing a more detailed blog about Dyscalculia! – Don’t let math be the reason you don’t finish college. – Jonathan Rodriguez


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