Is being overly ambitious bad?

It has been quite some time since I write on here. I am finally done with the semester, so I have some free time on my hands. I have been working at this law firm for about two years, and I have become good friends with the attorney I work for. Recently, I was blasted with a ray of uncertainty and self doubt. I was almost sure that I wanted to be an attorney, then suddenly the spark slowly dimmed down. I love the field, but I feel as if I would be settling for less than what I know I can accomplish. After a good 5 years after high school wasting my life from job to job, I realized that the only way to make something of myself was to get an education. When I started college again I never thought that I would reach where I am at right now. I decided that I would look into the MD/JD program at the University Of Miami. I was talking to my boss and suddenly after two years of amazing conversations, it was like he was another person. He told me I was too ambitious and that I was complicating myself with a dual degree. ( I agreed more or less at this point) Then he went on to say that I am no where near achieving those goals, and that I should not even think of them because I don’t have the background in science to make it through medical school. He went on a rant for about 10 minutes. Every second that past I felt myself just wanting to punch him in the face. I realized he did the same thing that everyone always does to me try and shut me down! I know that I am very ambitious and I set my dreams as high as I possibly can, but I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and for that reason I know I need to make something of myself. If I have made a commitment to stick to school and get an education I might as well get the BEST education I can get. Even if it means spending years in college. I have a plan and I am going to stick to that plan. 

My plan is: 

1) Finish my bachelors and become a Physician Assistant – Complete all the examinations & Licensing. 

2) Start working at a hospital or with a doctor and save some money a PA makes about 80k a year in Florida. 

3) Go to school while I am working and begin working towards the MD/JD graduate program I am interested in. 

4) To be continued . . . 

I am hopeful that I will achieve my goals, and that although people may think I am too ambitious it is not because I want a lot of money, or because I want to prove I am smart. I want to make a difference to young men and women that are going to go through tough times like me. I want to give them the support I never received. 


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